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Europe: Prologue

Twenty odd years after the trendy, "lets go to Europe after graduation", my partner and are making the big trek Over the Pond, Across the Drink, to the Old Country, well, for some people, not for us (but still, it's maybe not OUR Old Country, but it is very old.) It won't be the back packing journey where you can sleep wherever you want and just see where the wind takes you. Not with kids. There will be no hostels or drinking off brand liqour outside the club that won't let you in. At least, we aren't the type of parents that take our kids through hostels. That's the sort of parents who do crossfit, then have their kids do crossfit, and probably say namaste more than is reasonable.

I expect to see churches and schools older than my home country (Canada), heck I expect to see corner stores, sports teams that are older.

There is the slight worry that when I tell folks there that we are Canadian they'll assume I'm just an American trying to come off well, but I guess as long as I don't crush a budweiser on my forehead and refer to every automobile as a 'truck' it'll be fine?

It's London first. A truly great world city. It'll be difficult to not be overwhelmed by all the history and culture, also, being a huge fan of plaques, I suspect our walking progress will be severely curtailed. To decide on what amazing old thing to look at and read about will be the biggest challenge, for sure. And at least there will be no off-brand liqour.


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