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A Very Professional Mouse

About 4 years ago I started at this new company. I soon decided, like any self respecting programmer, that I didn't quite like the mouse. I mean, obviously its low DPI rating and the fact it was wireless was digging atrocious inroads into my productivity.  Asking for a replacement for the tools you work with every day is a perfectly normal thing for an IT worker to do, within some boundaries. But maintaining professional stoicism is, if not essential, at least highly recommended. That goes doubly for programmers a little older, triply so for programmers at a new job. Quadruply so for programmers who've only ever worked at one other company before and isn't entirely sure what the ramifications of making the wrong choice would be. Public humiliation? Being called out at a meeting? The pillory? The very slight lag in the wireless mouse supplied was irksome, however, as was the fact that every day at around 4pm many of the wireless mice went a bit glitchy in the office. Tha