Sunday, May 13, 2012

Similarities, By Owlet

  • "This flower smells so good, it smells like NAIL POLISH"
  • "Oh yeah, I'm scared of sharks too. But the one I hate the most are lions, when they tap on your window."
  • "I wouldn't want to live near a volcano, it's so hot, it can melt ice. Or your head. Or this HOUSE. Or those bananas."
  • *seeing some guy in a gym pumping iron* "Wow, he's so strong, I bet you he can lift a SWORD!"

Monday, May 07, 2012

Film Reactions

There have been little tidbits of life that hardly warrant an entire post, so I've jammed two of them together to make one relatively anemic one!

Both Owlet and Owl Jr. have had pretty newish reactions to films in the past few months. From Owl Jr. it was honest surprise/anguish/fear, from watching (of all things) That Unintentionaly Horrifying Motion Capture Christmas Abomination known as 'The Polar Express'. There was a spider, or something. I wasn't really paying attention to the movie, I was off in the corner, reading my book, trying to avoid any and all small talk. But suddenly there comes a high pitched scream juust below the pitch of a smoke alarm.

I run over, and there is Owl Jr. hands to the face, emitting a tone and sound I have never heard. I haven't heard it since, which is probably a good thing. I pick him up, and he calms down, but it was astonishing, to hear an brand new emotion from that little 2 year old.

Actually, now that I think of it, it was a spider, but it from Home Alone. I'm not sure why it seems like all children's classics have at least one nightmare inducing scene and/or character. Which segues nicely into "A Land Before Time", which has repeated scenes with a Tyrannosaurus which will surely put my children off  time travel for their entire working adult lives.

During that movie the mother dies (uh, spoiler, alert, I guess). And the first time we watched it (and second time, to be honest), I look over and see Owlet with genuine tears coming from her eyes. Just quietly crying, maybe thinking about how horrible it was for the baby dinosaur, or how horrible it'd be for her. Either way, it was a sharp realization of how much she's grown, how much more her brain is processing and thinking and empathizing.

I'm sure in no time at all she'll have opinions about recycling, the environment, the ozone layer. I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cool Hand Owl Jr.

Owl Jr. is a thoughtful little three year old. The sort who will stare at his train or his Lightning McQueen while making engines sounds of questionable veracity. Or stand by the sink,pushing his Thomas Train through the slowly trickling water for what seems like hours.

A rich inner life.

He's also his own little boy. Pugnacity, iron will, steely determination are not whimsical descriptions when he has his mind set.

"Owl Jr, finish your mac and cheese,and then you can have this caramel popcorn"
"Come on Owl Jr. All this popcorn, you know you like it."
"I don't want it."
"I'm going to eat it. It looks soo delicious" (this is a standard tactic at which Owlet would break Kenmore on day 366 of it's 1 year warranty)
"Ok. Eat it."
"Ok.. What?"
"Eat it. Eat popcorn."
I look with not a small amount of uncertainty at the pile of multi-coloured .. bits.. of.. what I'm assured use to be organic matter.
"Eat the blue one."
I eat it. Looking at him carefully. He nods in approval.
"Now the red one..."
It goes on like this until I've finished it. At which point he says, "Can I play now?"

I think he spends all that quiet time scheming, to be honest.