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Ah the ... :

There are a few running jokes that Mrs. Owl and I bandy back and, ad nauseum. They might not be terribly funny to most people, but they are HI-larious to us.

First, a little backstory. We do enjoy the ultra-popular mega-mass-marketed ultimately low brow comedies that are just 'too popular' to be any good. Yes, I'm talking about 'Friends'. While most hipster-elites turn their noses up at TV in general (or if they do watch, it's either only watching the Bravo Channel or 'Arrested Development'), we embrace things we find amusing.

I know, shocking.

So, in this one episode of Friends, there is this zoo janitor, who makes charming bylines for zoo animals (e.g. "Ahh, the bat. Ambassador of darkness, flitting out of his cave like a winged messenger, sightless spectre of the macabe."). I mean, that's gold.

So that's what we do now. Er, or what Mrs. Owl goads me to do. Some couples do macrame, we do this. Examples,

"Ah the mall security guard, sentinel against retail crime, protector of the fashion consumer, WHITE KNIGHT in the crusade against shoplifting."

"Ah the backyard, gathering place for a neighbourhood community, nexus of social interaction, crossroads in which familial and societal ties are formed and strengthened."

"Ah the pool, great vat of chlorine treated crystal clear leisure, dominion of the life jacketed toddler and awkward adolescent, the modern re-imagining of Romanesque bathhouses.... AH the pool. "


Monkfish said…
Macrame you say.
Niteowl said…
AAAHHH macrame. That jilted love of all nascent artists, the oft-maligned medium of sculptural talent, that cobbling of the odious paper to erect near-timeless pantheons to aesthetic GENIUS! AHHH macrame.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
HILARIOUS. Me and Lady El (am I doing it right?) should give that a try. We're not a verbose as you two seem to be. I have a feeling it may end up like that scene in "So I Married an Axe Murderer" where they're playing the "what's worse" game and Anthony LaPaglia's girlfriend can only come up with "being electrocuted"...


speaking of which


edit- ummm I'm new at this...
Niteowl said…
Oh man, I know exactly the scene you're talking about, it's so tragic, yet true. One of the many reasons I avoid socialization IRL.

And let me be clear, Mrs. Owl speaks normally and usually deals with 'interacting with the outside world', it's only me who has never met an overwrought phrase he didn't take a partial hankering to.

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