Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bocce News Update #1 : Classic American Sports Report

So, my work's annual bocce tournament is upon us. After each match, we have to update our big ol' wiki site with a little news item on what's going aboot and what happened.

Naturally, I take liberties.

In a stunning display of athleticism, wit, and alarmingly feminine grace, TEAM A (Sam and Larry playing) squeaked out a win against the ever fashionable Team B (Jane and Mary)!

Team B charged the field with random outcries of Power Rangers and cheers for their favourite Quidditch teams, and wooed the crowd with their scarf-type-dealies (that I'm sure has a proper name but darned if I know it).

TEAM A commented that they "just brought their A-game" and that they "really gelled as a team", and "left it all out on the field".

Team B was a bit subdued during question period, noting that "they will definitely be looking at restructuring their organization in post-season", but are "really looking forward to their next challenge" and "will get their head back into the game". They are hoping to show the world they "have a lot of heart, and have something to bring to the league".

TEAM A noted that "they had some lucky bounces", and "tried their best to capitalize on the scoring opportunities." Larry was heard saying "I'm still not entirely clear on the rules" right after Sam grabbed the mic and yelled "I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!".


Monkfish said...

I liked the scarf type dealies, but i was expecting a little more when they mentioned "costumes".

DMK said...

"...alarmingly feminine grace..." -- that's really funny. Well done, Owl! Made my day.