Saturday, August 09, 2008

Internet Abbreviations that Never Gained Currency

Thanks again to metamonk for the idear.

SCHL : Shit, cops here, later
CCN : Credit Card Number?
LGFLFAIG : loose gorgeous female looking for any internet geek
WWTHMM : who wants to hear my mashup?
GSIPM : great startup idea, pm me!
NOA : Nigerian opportunity available
LOPTA : logging off, party to attend
AAMS : AFK, another modeling shoot
IHAR : I hate Ayn Rand
WATLA : what's a three letter acronym?
CWP : consoles with paw
FLFPP : furry looking for puppy play
STTNGFLFSWFTD : Star Trek : The Next Generation Fan Looking For Star Wars Fan to Debate
GTMSL : getting too much sex lately
WDD : what's D&D?
JJRYAD : Jar Jar Rules, You All Drool!
OISN : OMG It's Seeping Now
SIHAP : Sure, I Have Another Picture
SMN : Sending Money Now
ACAAE : All Consoles Are About Equal
HTRCU : Hope That Rash Clear(s/ed) Up
WYRAF : Wow, you really ARE fat
BHSA : Back hair, sexy, AMIRITE?


Anonymous said...

The first one I read was CWP--and after I could see again I came directly here.

YOU are the one who could take this to book length.

Niteowl on internet culture.



spruce said...

IFMOTAO (I find most of these acronyms offensive!)

tittergrrl said...

Wow this was amazing. Just amazing

liquidindian said...


busithoth said...

This is prime stuff, sir.

Niteowl said...

Wow, AWESOME! I'm hitting records here with comments! Thanks guys!