Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bocce News Update #3 : Madden's Bocce Report

Last bocce themed post for a while, so skip over it while you can.

Madden's Non-Football Sports Report!!!!!!!

(NOTE : John Madden is a NFL commentator widely believed to have suffered a catastrophic brain aneurysm 17 years ago. He continues to work, however. His scintillating insights and Wilde-like bon-mots are his trademark.)

Yo, John Madden here! I just came back from one of the most dynamic, exciting, dynamic matches of Bocci I've ever seen. Seriously folks, this is like football, but with an Italian angle. I'm not sure if Italians have football, but if they don't, bocci would definitely be it.

It was a great game between the upstarts, Team A (Sam and Tiern playing), and an institution in the game of bocci, the Team B (John and Mary) . These guys have going power! Three years as undefeated champions! They got gristle, they got grit! They win alot!

The uh, experts on bocci, the little Italian guys who got all the info on this game, have told me the field was pretty fast and was kinda, is this right here, right here, under the uh, period... the field was too slanted?! That's what I love about Football, no messing around with crazy fields. You got 100 yards, and every Sunday that's where you lay it all out: on the grid iron! Blood sweat, and 3.. 5... you know, all the other guys on the team, all those guys pulling with you. Football! Yeah!!!

Now, the game was going pretty well, except for the guys who lost. You lose in the game of bocci when you don't get as many points as the other guy, and the other guy makes it to 15. The field was kinda like the defensive line of the '73 Bears. It kept the other team from making points, and, con-uh-se-quensially, winning.

So, that wraps up this match. Gotta wish Team A good luck on their ROAD TO THE SUPERBOWL! YEAH!!!

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