Thursday, August 07, 2008

Scrapped Cartoon Ideas

Thanks to metamonk for the blog post idear! Props! Shout outs! Etcetera!

Roundtable With Kofi Annan and the Diplomacy Dynamite Duo

Every week watch Kofi flex his mind and his wit to outsmart despotic regimes (currently out of favour with US Foreign policy)! Every month is a new Diplomacy Dynamite Duo! This month, Kissinger and Carter! They sit at opposite ends of the political spectrum but when they get together, no socialist regime unfriendly to corporate agendas will stand in their way!

Gracies Choke-Out! Hour

An hour of hilarious choke-outs! you can do at home with your siblings, pet, or feeble uncle who can't run too fast! The world famous Brazillian Ju-Jitsu family, the Gracies, pack each hour with as many joint snapping, clavicle breaking, windpipe crushing moves you can do with just your body and a iron will to leave your enemies in a crumpled mass of pain and regret. This week sponsored by GB Bernett and Associates, Personal Injury Lawyers, serving the greater Boston area since 1994.

Crazy Sundays with APOCRYPHAL JESUS!

Why not learn the fun Jesus that old bible scholar fuddy duddies cut out? See Apocryphal Jesus turn people that anger him into small clay board pieces! Marvel at Apocryphal Jesus' way with the ladies! Apocryphal Jesus is also about family, join us every week and meet a new brother or sister!

Teletubbies Present : Famous Serial Killers

With their warm charm and wide eyed view of the world, the Teletubbies will show you and your child an exciting part of society! Want to show your child the wild side? The people who lived by their own rules, and set their own goals then achieved them? Join us for a very special episode of Teletubbies.

Anarchist Cookbook for KIDS! Mostly non-lethal fun!

From the people who brought you “Napalm With Sunny D”, the 2nd most popular youtube video for the month of January, comes this new exciting series. Join Uncle Jake as he outlines, step by step, some of the simplier ways that any aspiring anarchist can fight the system, right in their home! Kids remember to ask your parents before trying our more horribly disfiguring recipes (or don't! Way to stick to them!).

Advanced Trampolining

Deconstructionist Roundtable : Erector Sets

Kama Sutra with Dora and Diego!

Animals and You! visits : The Abattoir

How's That Made : Nikes

Backyardigans Deathmetal Episodes 2-5, 11, and 17-19

Claymation Studios Present : How your parents made you!

Hypochondriacs USA's the Little Worrier

Things That Eat You From The Inside Out

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