Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Needy, needy blogger

It's like hungry hungry hippo, except far less entertaining, with 100% less hippos, and leaves you pitying me.

It's something I've been thinking alot about; that is, how many of my hits are actual real live readers, and how many are charming Russian bots harvesting the web for their own nefarious means. 

I wonder this often because I get about 1 comment for every 5 to 20 posts I make. This is a terrible, terrible ratio. But I grudge you not! After all, you're busy, you have things to do, people to meet, and for some of you quite a bit of Vi@gr@ to peddle over mass emailings.

So, here's your chance to satisfy my curiousty and possibly get me to post more!  See the little link to the right that says,  FOLLOW THIS BLOG'? 

Of course you do, you're bright and by all accounts an upstanding citizen. 

Please click it. 

You might have to make some bogus kinda profile. That's ok. I don't want to know any personal information about you. I just want to know if you are a real live reader.

It's not that I have anything particularly against intelligent web-crawling software looking to index the web for some underhanded and greasy haired web marketer. It's just they don't quite get me like you guys do.


greg said...

Yours is my 2nd favourite blogger-blog. Just, you know, so you know. xoxo

Niteowl said...

Hey, thanks greg.


Sneaky Speedtoker said...

One Word: Feedburner.

Well, it's actually two, but they have it strung together like those Germans do, those krauts, those vaterland people do.

Also...get clicky.