Thursday, October 16, 2008

Indie Bands Too Edgey For You

Thanks to katya and cheesoning for the blag topic! What can I say, I lack creativity and iniative.

NOTE: I'm censoring swear words because I don't swear often (if at all) on this blog, and thought it'd be weird just to start dropping the F-bomb like I was in a movie about the Boston mob featuring Harvey Keitel and Joe Pesci. 

A gregorian chant/ska collective featured primarily in underfunded Hungarian pornos. Their 2003 album, "Hectoring In Bliss" was a major influence for Banksys's "Ironic Stencils That Speak Truth To Power" period.

Diligent B**tards
A British pop band sensation that made it to number 63 in the UK Charts in 1979 with the flowery and chronically cheerful hit 'All's Alright Then, Yeah?'.  Went on to drive the metal-core-jungle-double-beat-death-speed scene in Glasgow. Penned the original theme song for M.A.S.K.

Stabbing Rapiers
Purportedly Johnny Depp's favourite band. From France, features three double bassists, a throat singing Tibetan monk, and a 8-year old girl on spoons. Best described as transient-uber-hip-melodic-under-faal. Starred in two seasons of their own reality series, "Oh No You Din't!", an original series by PBS.

Norweigian lute band. Plays experimental acoustic ambient retro-disco. Has made an entire career out of protesting various unseasonal algae blooms in south eastern India. Little known fact: they made the sound effects for the Oliphants in Lord of the Rings : The Return Of The King.

A solo xylophonist from Argentina. Son of a fishing magnate and is currently on a self-funded -3 year Pan-Asia tour bringing awareness to the perils  of unpasteurized wasabe. Does work as the voice for Eeyore for "Radio Cuba!".

Gipsum Stash
Retired pharmicists whose smooth, acapella stylings have won various Pennsylvania state fairs. They are the voices sampled in Beck's unreleased B-sides compilation "Titillating Xenu Fists The World". Featured in numerous chewing tobacco commercials. All are currently doing time after a massive rohypnol/cotton candy ring was busted in 2006.

Kill Joys
Urban banjo duo which used to be a trio. The third banjoist? An up and coming comedian named  Steve Martin. His attempt in 1986 change the group into an "electric banjo armageddon of sound" was met with not a little chargin from the other two members, a mother and daughter from Reno. They cover the ups and downs of doing circuit board design for medium to large scale corn post-processing plants. 

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