Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Unreasonable Time For Certain Activities

I finished this McSweeney's book. It's quite good, as it tries to "be funny without being humourous". Think the subtler parts of "The Office". This, naturally, sparked off a series of idears in my head, one of which is, well, read the title.

14 years : to pay back 20 bucks you borrowed from your best friend for a questionable strip bar.

10 years : your undergraduate degree.

4 years : realizing that you are indeed, catching.

3 years : finding where you misplaced that nailgun.

8 months : to realize you are in a relationship.

23 days : to finish a 'friendly game' of Risk.

17 hours : replying "I love you too" to your significant other's IM.

4 minutes : pause in conversation while talking with your father-in-law about cross-dressing.

2 minutes 39 seconds : hugging your buddy who just rescued you from soviet-era commandos on a mission to harvest your brains for their super army.

12 seconds : removing a thorn from your left testicle.


Christopher said...

"Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky" was great. I may have to get this one for my sister's birthday.

Monkfish said...

You still owe me $20.