Friday, February 01, 2008

The Only Superbowl Ads You Need To Ever See


Sneaky Speedtoker said...

Oh, Those are golden! I've only ever seen the first one. Thanks.

Terry Tate. Freakin Awesome.

Did you watch the game? I didn't. I hardly ever do anymore.

We were talking at lunch today about having an alternate celebration during the superbowl for all us alternative males...something involving electronic sports was suggested...hmmm. Might be an idea, don't you think?

Niteowl said...

Actually I did watch the game, even though I have only a vague understanding of football. Pigskins were supposed to be featured prominently, I had interpreted this to mean bacon. I was sorely disappointed.

Honestly, I'm good with watching football inspired movies or the pre-game-post-pre-commentary-show that they always play about 83 hours before the Superbowl. That's when I see football the way it's supposed to be viewed. In slow motion, with as much explanation as possible as to why I should care, and lots of ridiculously triumphant(possibly Viking themed) symphonies in the background.

There should be, IMHO, only the thinnest veneer of difference between a WWII epic and football.

Oh, an alternate lunch? That'd be awesome. Maybe a Battlestar Galactica inspired one where y'all can grumble about 'skin-jobs' and 'tin-cans' and say 'frak' as vociferously as possible.