Friday, November 24, 2006

Waking up at Fo' Fitty

I'm not sure why a title in ebonics is that much funnier in ,what I call perhaps unpolitically correctly, REAL english, but there it is (why is ebonics funny to me, who lives in a part of the world where only the truly insecure highschooler, or delightfully ironic hiptser, uses it?). Waking up at Fo Fitty in the mornning is a delight. Mainly because it feels like I'm using 'free time'. Get to work at six, leave at 2:30, 3ish. Feels like getting off work early it does.
(Waking up this early also brings back those halycon days of yore when I'd wake up real super duper early to go skiing. Not a lot mind you. Never the sportsman. But enough so that everytime I wake at a demon infested, ungodly hour, like 4:50am, I remember skiing. ) Never mind that I have ot take naps as soon as I come home. I got off work at 2:30! I'm beating the system, or, more appropriately, The Man.

It's nice having the flexibility to come in early, or a bit later. There is a downside to choosing the former route though. You may know him as Pepe Le Peu, or perhaps the more germaine name of Mephitis mephitis, we in the West End know him only as That Arrogant Son Of A... Badger Like Creature. If ever there was an animal (besides human, of course) that radiated arrogance, it'd be the skunk. Espeically during the early hours, when that little guy is just waddling all over the Westend. Hanging out. Looking for food. Hoping to give some nutri-grain eating, flax-seed ingesting, wheat grass drinking early morning jogger a scare.

Many a time I've been walking to my busstop, head down, musing over something (oh alright, more or less just sleepwalking while properly attired) when a slight motion will catch my eye. And there he is, on some lawn, tail up, eyeing me with a malevolent amusement. Sometimes, he's just sort of bored, he just raises his tail halfway -- a token threat -- as I scurry obsequious and frightened, to the faaar side of the street. It does tend to take the pleasure out of the early morning. Or, early mo'nin', as it were.

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