Monday, July 21, 2014

Long Hair

(Draft written 2014)
I have long hair. Typical nerd with a ponytail look. There really is no justifying it, other than I quite like it. Mrs. Owl loathes it, my children are indifferent but THEIR friends find it somewhat disconcerting. I've gotten quite used to the vacant stares that slowly fill with horror as little children see me. A daddy? With MOMMY HAIR!?

Sure I'm injecting just a little weirdness into their lives.

It's also my perquisite as a nerd who works at nerdly things for work.

It's our wan squeal of rebellion against the Man, never mind that we work for him and have to fill out TPS reports and attend meetings and file whatever document report thing business type people need. Never mind I have a mortgage like many people and go to work for the majority of my life like even more people and look forward, ashamedly, to whatever smidge of novelty is planned in the office come Friday. I get to wear my hair long though! Yeah! *throws Jude Nelson's half-gloved fist into the sky*

There are, as many reasons for growing the hair as their are nerdly obsessions. Well, maybe not that many. For me, it was probably first Conan, and then, the hippy soft-rock I was raised on, and now, much later, perhaps a bit of Jack Aubrey.

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