Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I Would Miss From My 20's If I Had Them In My 20's

  • washboard abs.
    • any abs at all.
  • belonging to a team sport.
    • belonging, full stop.
  • having a nickname that wasn't used with derision.
  • keg parties.
    • scratch that.
  • having a secret handshake/hi-five ritual.
  • cruising down the strip.
    • having a car to cruise down the strip with.
    • knowing where said strip might be.
  • having a favourite band.
  • going to quirky cultural heritage days of which I'm weirdly proud.
  • beach volleyball.
    • not the "Top Gun" kind.
    • not  the "Dead or Alive" kind either.
    • I'm not sure what I mean here.
  • witheringly advanced political views.
  • handing out Beat Poetry flyers.
  • joining an amusingly mismatched club for a girl.
    • getting more interested in the club's activities than said girl.
  • a koi pond.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Your beach volleyball dilemma amuses me greatly!