Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other Filler Words According To Socio-Economic Class

 You know how there is a certain youngish girl, who, when describing another girl to girlfriend, will use the term 'oh, but she's really sweet'? That 'sweet' means essentially nothing, it's just a pablum stuffer of styrofoamian proportions. Here are some other Filler Words used by certain groups to describe peers about which there isn't much to say.

Accountants : "Diligent"

Arts Students : "Interesting"

Babysitters : "Loves children"

Commercial Airline Pilots : "Has put in the hours"

Doctors : "Bright"

Judges : "Tough, but fair"

Mechanics : "Ain't afraid to get his hands dirty"

Mob : "Good guy"

Painters : "Unique perspective"

Sea Captains : "Taut"

Science Students : "So smart"

Stunt Persons : "Tough"

Voltron Pilots : "Team player"

1 comment:

Lagged2Death said...

"Taut?" I'm giggling in an inappropriate but obviously manly way.