Thursday, January 07, 2010

Things I was pretty sure everyone did until I found out no, it was just me.

Thanks metamonk, for the idea.

  • Beat-box to musicals
  • End every order to a waiter with 'etcetera, etcetera, etcetera'
  • Mistake Halloween for Christmas.
  • Flip off crossing-guards.
  • Hold an undying suspicion that peanut brittle is really dehydrated peanut butter.
  • Regularly behead all the Animal Crackers™, make a hunter's trophy room from the box.
  • Pronounce Pterodactyl with a 'p'.
  • Use cowboy placemats.
  • Wonder why everyone on The Office lost their accents.
  • Use the e-brake when braking foot gets tired.
  • Talk to infant son exclusively in the voice of Soundwave.
  • Use CB conventions when using cell phones on the road, over.
  • Think PETA was a celebrity softcore channel.
  • Think Kinkos was something else entirely.
  • Give directions to bus drivers.
  • Play Sudoku with letters.
  • Watch anime muted, with Happy Days audio playing over.
  • Write down favourite bumper sticker slogans.
  • Drink whiskey in the shower (during the summer).
  • Watch the LPGA with the volume cranked.
  • Laugh during Pulp Fiction.


Jeff said...

I want to hear more about these enigmatic 'cowboy placemats'...

I am pNak said...

LPGA cranked. Wicked awesome!