Monday, June 01, 2009

Update On The Brood

Owl Jr. is now 4 months, so he really doesn't have a lot of interesting things going on. He eats, he sleeps, he evacuates his bowels. He is of the age where he has just discovered his hand, so most of the time he's sitting in his seat, watching his hand move in front of his face like a stoner, and you just know he's thinking 'Whoaaa, did you guys see that? It just like-- whoooaa there it goes again.' His expressions are limited to glee, probably from passing gas; devious scheming, I don't know why; and his usual expression of deep, deep depression. Yeah, I don't know what's up either.

Owlet has become more vociferous and independent as she's gotten older. She's now the ripe old age of 2 years, 9 months. She absolutely must do everything herself, even the things that might get her maimed or killed... especially those things. I try and keep her from doing those things. Mostly.

I cede to simple, non-lethal things she wants to do herself.

After getting her ready to bed one night, I'm carrying her to the bathroom for a tooth brushing and she says "ME WALK! ME WALK!" then proceeds into a semi-meltdown. I drop her faster than Fox drops a promising and innovative new TV series. We're halfway down (a very short) hallway, and she insists on taking a few steps to the doorway of where we started and only then walk to the bathroom. In my mind I start to think "What are you, a chil-- ohright."

She has few silly phrases. These might be sacharrine on honey on sugar sweet, so, read at your expense:
  • On seeing Molly (the dog) curled up sleeping, she'll say, "Molly's a circle!"
  • Anytime she sees something that she knows she's not allowed to do, she'll get super expressive and say, "When me older, me do that!". I was cutting vegetables for dinner, she said, quite eerily, "When me older, me have knives." Uhm, kay.
  • I must use this phrase more than I think I do, because she's started saying, 'Oh good LOWD', quite often.
  • When stalling to postpone bedtime, she'll exclaim "Me need water! Me need crackers!", etc. She was caught in the act of just making stuff up when one night she said, "Me need... uhmmmm something..."
  • If you ask her the time, it's always 'Six twelve'.
  • The bottom lip of pout comes out at the SLIGHTEST provocation.
  • Thank god she has a fervent imagination. If she is really upset, or near meltdown, all I have to do is point somewhere, make up an animal, a colour, a name, and say what it's doing. For some reason she utterly believes me, and looks over, and starts chatting with it. For example, "Owlet, look over there, it's a blue elephant, and he's got a banana cake, he's asking if you want some." Man, imagination bordering on hallucination must be aweseome.


Chris B. said...

You're dealing with all kinds of psychology here, behind the cuteness. It's really fascinating to see how the hooks are set. It'll be interesting to see if she ends up having a penchant for knives down the road. Also interesting to think that there might be some DNA combination that draws you to knives in TF2 just like she's drawn.

Anonymous said...

f'ing adorable.


itchylick said...

Yes, yes and yes. Independent streaks with no regard for personal safety , amazingly skilled at selective hearing and a mental patients ability to tell time (for Sam, the time is always "forty minutes".

Archagon said...


Mooseman said...

Too cute. I always love hearing about your kids.