Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bocce News Update #6 : Andy Rooney Reporting

We won our long long LONG running workplace bocce tourney! Go us! Here's the news update I put on our work wiki. Anonymized, of course.

I don't know what's wrong with sport in this country. Why it seems only last week we allowed the Prussian Empire to play us in an exhibition polo match. But now we have all sorts of Continental games being played to and fro, it's getting to be that I don't know if we still play sports, or just throw alot of balls around and hope someone knows the rules.

Yesterday I was present at some sort of bowling championship. Although it wasn't any bowling championship I'd ever seen. There were no fouling smelling shoes to rent, or that bit of the bowling ball retriever that blows out air, for reasons I don't think anyone really knows. There was none of that old town feel, like maybe I could look over the lane and see my Uncle Benny and his friends from the steel plant.

No, this was a different sort. I'm not sure if it's nice to use the word 'foreign', anymore, maybe the aforementioned 'Continental' is alright. In any case, bocce 'is not from around here'. It's played out doors, and the players didn't seem to bowl as much as just toss the balls and hope for the best.

Apparently there were two teams playing, Team A(Joe Smith, Larry Jones, Sam Wise, and Moe Curlie) playing against Team B (Jane Smith and Stan Cooper). I was more confused than usual since it appeared Team A were playing the entire game in masks. Some sort of Mexican wrestling masks, as best as I could muster, but knowing the younger generation, or, rather, not really knowing them at all, it could have been their sport uniform. Like I said, bocce is kind of 'Continental'.

It was, by all accounts, a close game, then Team A pulled ahead to a commanding 11-3 lead. One of them remarked that they were just letting the other team get ahead. I'm not so sure about that. The ground was so littered with twigs, roots and bare from grass that they probably would have gotten the same result tossing dice, or playing "Rock Paper Scissors". Anyways, Team B pulled ahead to make the game 7-13, after which Team A won.

Was that supposed to be exciting? Call me old-fashioned, but to watch a sport you need bleachers and pennants and old popcorn. Maybe a cup of watered down beer that tastes that much better because you're drinking it at ballpark.

In an case, congratulations to Team A, I guess.


The Nighthawk said...

Jeebus, If you read that to the old prick's voice in your head, it's bang on man! You captured him perfectly. :D

Niteowl said...

It's not that I object to be called a prick, perse, I'm sure there are many words that used to be offensive when I was in college, that no longer are. I hear hotdogs are kind of offensive now. It's a strange, wonderful world out there and far be it from me to object. But I don't think, and you can ask my wife on this, that I've ever been a prick. I'm too busy counting my socks and making sure my windsor tie is on tight.