Friday, March 13, 2009

Kevin Clash is The Man

Photo from Eleanor Traubman who wrote an excellent interview with the man behind Elmo.

I try not to post single links to YouTube. It's kinda cheap and not at all what this blog tries to be: original, amusing pieces froms scratch.

However, sometimes videos come along that are so superlatively funny, so rupture-your-colon and slightly soil yourself in paroxyms of giggles, that I'm compelled to link them (previous videos I've linked to are Patton Oswalt and Terry Tate: Office Linebacker).

What makes this link so awesome is that Kevin Clash has to riff off Gervais while in character, without making Elmo too, uh... NSFW. Cute is hard to do without alienating anyone but kitten-poster loving cubicle lifers or 3 year-olds with early onset diabetes. I think he does a pretty damn good job of cute and funny, while staying in character, while improvising against Gervais. See for yourself.

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