Sunday, September 30, 2007

JPod Ripoff #1 Living Cartoon Profile

Name:Niteowl, the

Name People Actually Use:Gin-soaked semi-coherent programmer of questionable merit; that guy, over there, you know, that guy; some intern with a surprisingly long term appointment; Old Man Smith; 30-something that still plays video games.

Preferred Room Temperature:
anything that doesn't result in internal hemorrhaging from the ICE crystals that are formed in my blood from the liberal application of 100% UNCUT FREON to the air ducts (which are the chief proponent of the ironically named Climate Control System (I guess Department Wide Morale Breaking System was taken)).

Favourite Game:
Yahtzee!! No, just kidding, I have no idea what that game is or how it's played. I think there are dice involved. I suspect it's really just a tamed down version of craps. But then I suspect all dice games are tamed down versions of craps. Except D&D. Back to the subject, favourite game? Toughy. That's like asking God who her favourite children are. I'm sure she has a few, but she feels guilty about having them as favourite, and they aren't who you'd think they'd be. So I guess I'll just say it's some game 97% of geeks have never heard of (let alone you normal people (and bots!) who read this blog), and leave it at that.

Preferred Simpson's Character:
Moe, because he's so damn tragic. And he has the greatest comeback ever to Bart's prank phone calling. Oh, and Comic Book Guy, because humour is funniest when it's so very true.

Preferred Karaoke Song:
I don't do Karaoke -- publicly, or sober, of course. But forced to pick one, it'd be "Rocket Man", by Elton John. Because it reminds me of Buck Rogers and his devil-may-care attitude about How Things Are Done in the Civilized 25 Century. He had ideas so wacky from the ancient 20th Century that, by god, they just might work. Good ol' Buck.

Food group most prevalent in work cubicle:
According to a past co-worker, something that smells like "Dead skunk" (seasoned costco chicken breasts, apparently). That was the past. Now it consists mainly of the smooth taste of Diet Coke. MMmm! That's Asparliscious!

And in a desperate effort to get comments, any comments, let's hear some Living Cartoon Profiles from some of you? Or at least a few of the traits, don't have to do the whole profile.


Monkfish said...


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Niteowl said...

As my blog gets flagged as BlogSpam and I get it removed from blogger, THANX monkfish!

Also, you are a right bastard, you are.

Monkfish said...

I am merely using the communication tool at my disposal. You were not on MSN, did not reply to my email, your blog was my last hope.

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Niteowl said...

It's a good thing you are my one and only reader AND commenter, or I'd have to have a row with you.

The Nighthawk said...

I always get lef tout..



Niteowl said...

Hey now, how am I supposed to know unless you comment!