Friday, April 27, 2007

People Who Write Marvellously

It's a rare occasion when I stumble upon a blog that's written so well, I feel that perhaps I've bypassed some payment screen. That unbeknownst to me, I somehow hacked past some credit card requiring site, and am suddenly reading some juicy, marvellously written blog that is only shared among Those In the Know, or perhaps, Those Willing To Use Their Mastercard To Read Good Stuff; as opposed to the general drivel that tends to flood the intertubes: endless posts about cats and kittens, and perhaps aforementioned felines mashed up with the meme-o-the-day.

Now, I'm not sure what the etiquette is for announcing said links. I think if you are of the cool set (and really, if you are wondering if you are, I suppose that means you're not), you simply do not make any reference to it, and only add it to you links (or blogroll, I think is the term). Which is perfectly fine. It's like the cool kid suddenly taking under his wing the slightly odd exchange student from a newly recognized former Soviet Bloc country with the dashing hair and alarming body odour. Nothing is said, it's merely observed by the cooler kids, and the more pathetic teachers, that said exchange student is now under the tutelage of coolness, as it were.

Which is grand. My understanding is most blogs are fairly tightly contained. No need to mention all friends here and sundry at random intervals. That's that good blogs do. Good blogs. This is not one of them. So, of course, I'm going to draw attention to A Big Side Order. A weekly blog about some fellow in the UK who takes walks, and writes gobsmackingly funny posts about it. So good, in fact, I was tempted to never mention him at all. I do not need help to bring in sharp rellief my lackadaisacal style and often times questionable logical flow, not to mention my patchy application of grammar.

But link to him I must. As I, wild and crazy person that I am, felt the need to write him a fan letter of sorts. Which he took as an invitation for him to link to my blog. Which is shocking. Very shocking. Apparently he ignored the part in my email where I suggest he NOT do such a thing. But he's far too high class to not link me. I'm not sure what the etiquette is for linking and the like. So far I've only linked to people I actually know. As opposed to admire. Or admire from afar. Admire unabashedly and slightly stalkerishly, actually. So I've linked back to him. He apparently has even been paid for his non-fictionish writing. So I suppose he's a professional writer.

Anyhoo, so if you enjoy my blog, and want to find out how this sort of thing is really done, head over there, I think he's approximately thirty times more visitors than I have. Give or take a few factors.


The Nighthawk said...

Indeed this man writes marvelously! Thanks for the link bud. :)

Funka! said...

i just wanted to note it appears the link in your post has a funny extra character at the end of it that shouldn't be there, and breaks the link. please fixy!


Funka! said...

hey actually it looks like its blogspot that's throwing in that extra "%27" apostrophe at the end, because when you view the replies and click "show original post," the original article doesn't have this character. good luck figuring this out!

Niteowl said...

NH : cheers! He's certainly teaching me alot in the way of "stop being sloppy", and "put the best prose out on your blog". He just crafts his posts so perfectly!

Funka: Hopefully fixed my good funkariffic!