Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm SOOO Going to be Published

In a miniscule work newsletter, but still!! Here, for posterity, is one of the many emails, 'sealing the deal' if you will.

Hi ,

I'm afraid I'm not one for meetings. It's not that I hate them -- well, ok, it's because I hate them. Well, not hate them, I'm simply deficient in committee skills and/or experience which is seriously hobbled by a lack of desire to increase said skills and/or experience.

But thanks so much for the invite, as much as it struck fear into my very soul.

Looking forward to writing an article for the Enrolling Stone (it won't be about commmittees, I promise (mostly)).



ova said...

its called the water cooler you noobcake

J said...

This was before the name change, even nubber nubcaek