Sunday, October 22, 2006

Top 10 Reasons to go to the Surrey Int'l Writer's Conference

So the incredibly cheery head coordinator lady has been asking for writer's to submit their top 10 reasons to go to the SiWC. I'm not sure what her sarcasm or bitterness level is. Judging by her verve and energy, I'm imaging it's quite low. So here, for all three of my readers, is my top 9 reasons to go:
  • Because throwing a huge socializing event for introverts is an act of pure optimism
  • Most expensive way to procrastinate
  • More fun being nervous and insecure together
  • Because lately, I've actually been feeling kinda optimistic about getting my book published.
  • Because I can't persuade my wife to sen me to the "Venice International Writer's Festival"
  • Because being around other people who cares about words is a treat.
  • Because hope springs eternal.
  • To prove to myself that editors are not, in fact, a Intimus 852 VS industrial cross cut paper shredde
  • To dispel the myth that agents are not, in fact, a highly sophisticated spam filter.
  • To experience the edgy, touchy, and eager competitiveness I haven't experienced since my grade six spelling bee.

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Nighthawk said...

These deserved to receive a comment of some kind, rather than sitting there all lonely and comment-less.



Freaking hilarious bud. :)