Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dude, Brad's Back In Town and He's Getting the Guys Together! Some Things You Might Need

  • an ostrich feather, a small gibbon with a subdued gag reflex, fifty-two dollars in quarters.
  • Portuguese bleach, fishing tackle, Moose.
  • an Esperanto handbook , cinnamon, all outstanding warrants cleared.
  • a recently cleaned gasoline tank, left-handed brass knuckles, an unusually large avocado.
  • gift card for Big N' Tall, two blenders (one hand, one standing), an empty stomach.
  • a zip cord from a WWII era paratrooper, a sony walkman (cassette) with a cheetah print velour cover, two bucks.
  • a strong magnet, a switchblade comb, Diana (who used to be Kent).
  • the libretto to Euridice, an incontinent Macy's clerk, a new car battery.
  • Vaseline, the soundtrack to Quicksilver, a passable grasp of market Hungarian

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