Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I Would Do For Fun If I Had More Moxie

  • Buy a security guard outfit, stand in the foyer of a very swank theatre, wait for the opera intermission, then bustle about, pushing people aside saying, "Move along, move along."
  • Sneak into a gynecologist's empty patient room, then scream at the top of my lungs, "The baby's going to come outta WHERE?"
  • Drive at exactly the speed limit. High-beam and honk at others that don't.
  • Make a buncha mix-CD's featuring Grandmaster Flash and the Funky Bunch, New Edition, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and Cannibal Corpse, put a barcode on them, and sneak them into the library CD section.
  • Sing the national anthem at the top of my lungs, with a few incorrect words, give a ribbon to the first person to correct me.
  • Put 2 chairs and a desk, interview style, on the street. Put a camcorder on a tripod. Interview any and all people who sit with me. Alternate between an interview for a legally suspect and highly dangerous job, a celebrity interview (with questions intended for John Voigt, circa 'Deliverance), naturalization interview for Luxembourg.
  • Go to McDonald's, ask to see the manager, order Combo 1, haggle.
  • Get on a bus with a ghetto blaster blaring Bing Crosby's White Christmas at full volume.
  • Wear a utilikilt, stand in front of the women's washroom, pointedly refuse entry for anyone who doesn't not, in fact, have a skirt.
  • Get a three-piece suit, get a haircut, briefcase, better posture. Go shopping at the local organic co-op. Complain about the prices.
  • Protest Greenpeace, just cuz.
  • Stand in the middle of a busy street, offer free hugs, ask for tips.
  • Go to a Volkswagen dealership, try and get as much info as I can about the current Jetta, try and drop the word 'Nazi' as casually and as often as I can.
  • Buy a moleskine notebook, strike a conversation up with a hipster, try and find an excuse to bring out my moleskine and open it up, revealing pages after pages of pasted in Cathy comic strips. Ask him which one is his/her favourite.
  • Open up a stall selling peanut butter jelly sandwiches.


Gemmy said...

"Sing the national anthem at the top of my lungs, with a few incorrect words, give a ribbon to the first person to correct me."

Oh please do this. I have had cause to correct people on the anthem myself, which is really embarrassing to people when they find out I'm not even born in this country!

Oh, but you're one of THOSE people. I forgot. NVM! ;)

I am pNak said...

Drive exactly at the speed limit. I guess you've noticed others doing that as well. Made me audibly giggle.

Niteowl said...

Gemmy: AHA! Rooted you out! Patriotic American!

Pnak : you totally should do this. See how long you can last before T smacks you.