Wednesday, November 18, 2009

100 word fiction

So cheesoning saw this, and decided I should post an entry. In the 600+ long list. Between me writing this draft and saving it yesterday, and me thinking about finishing this post, the contest has reached 850. Ergh. Chances of winning, vanishingly small.

But I like having these arbitrary limits, it gives shape to my writing.

Anyhoo, this is my entry. It's steampunky, because cheesoning DEMANDED it:

The electro-transmogrifying-intransigent-polychine came alive. Rattling brass pipes, enormous thrumming copper kettle drums all deafened Frank to the tiny alarm he had set up. Too quiet, it turns out. Almost too late.

With an embarassed shuffle perfected by all Continental Engineers, Frank shimmied down the jury-rigged ladders to the belly of the beast. The financial backers and politicians watched with restrained alarm.

"It's moved, hasn't it?" shouted someone.

Frank hit the alarm twice. Nothing doing. It kept pealing away.

"Ah, no. Never will, I'm afraid." He waved vaguely to the North Sea. "Something found, in space."

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