Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chomsky Comments on Left 4 Dead

I think what's clear here, in this shot, is that it's the humans that have the guns, the mandate to power in this situation. The undead, these new immigrants to a world that's still very strange to them, they are, quite categorically, unarmed.

There is a struggle for hegemony you can see here. Dominion over land, a fight for sovereignity. What would you do if armed strangers came through your land? You'd attack, naturally. You'd defend yourself, is what you'd do. And if we are even attempting to consider the justice in this situation, the undead are merely fending off the humans with their hands, their feet. How much damage could they do? But, time and time again, we see a disproportionate response to this from the humans. A call to arms, a god given right to take the lives of countless undead and for what? The opportunity to trespass, because, quite clearly, that's what's happening here, trespassing on the land of the undead.

What is interesting to note, in this third shot, the old man taking a gas can and shooting it. What's going on here? what's the narrative in this action? He quite obviously pillaged that gas tank from the land of the undead, and then he shoots it. He uses their fuel to kill them.I think, I think there is a unmistakeable message being sent here. Not only are humans your betters, but they will use your resources to do away with you. It's, I mean, there is no other way to respond but to try and repel such invaders, I think. That's the rational response.

And we see that the humans cross all types of age racial and gender barriers, so all humans, everywhere, are complicit in these war crimes. For anyone paying attention, any one willing to do but the most cursory of research, it's pretty easy to unearth instances of these invaders shooting undead who were not doing anything. Just standing. Maybe looking menacing to the humans, maybe not, who knows? The humans are quite unwilling to open up channels of diplomacy with them, and this is something that's been reported and documented by me and others, that I don't need to go into here. But it's been documented by very serious journals, very important papers.

And here is the Tank. A name, that I have no doubt, was given to him by the humans. I'm sure he doesn't see himself in such militaristic terms. He's quite obviously only protecting his own here. I mean, he's forced, or created by the undead to match the sabre-rattling from the humans, they use what is obviously their meagre means to try and match the militaristic juggernaut that is the human invaders. And if we are serious about finding who's the criminal here, if we have even the faintest inclination towards social justice, the onus quite clearly rests on the humans; as is obvious in all the cases from the footage that's been made available.


Chris B. said...

Are you saying the humans need to be nerfed?

Mooseman said...


James H said...

He's right! Oh god, I've been so cruel to all the zombies I've ever met in my entire life.

I've seen the light now, there IS room from both man and zombie on this planet, let us hope that congress soon passes an anti-zombie discrimination bill.

Paul K said...

this thing goes way deeper than discrimination. there's no room for anti-discrimination in regions where we have humans entering HOSPITALS of zombies, and walking in to find zombie patients, zombie doctors, zombie maintenance, and shooting every last one of them.

and this is the kind of thing the humans are intent on doing. what happened at that zombie hospital was not just some skirmish or fight for survival, those humans went to that hospital with intention, their goal was to do a clean sweep and get out through the roof. and that's exactly what they did.

anti-discrimination? maybe when the leaders of human nations are tried for genocide and brought down from power, we can hope for equal rights. until then, the murders are only going to continue.

Anonymous said...

Is it really possible to take the LIFE of an unDEAD? I mean, kill, certainly, but... I just don't know about the wording there. I just don't know.

Ishmeal S said...

hello?!?! does anyone realize that all this fighting is taking place on what used to be HUMAN TERRITORY? that zombie hospital used to be a human hospital, and the humans have a right to try and maintain their land.

as far as i'm concerned, that hospital still belongs to them. they are the rightful owners.

Yusef L said...

anyotherworld ill ignoer ur racist bullshti u dont kno what ur talkin about

ishmeal ur a zionist asshole just bc the humans used to live their dosent mean they can just come in adn take it back whenveer they want. the zombies should jsut b left alone, not wiped out liek we did to the native ameracans