Friday, October 19, 2007

JPod Ripoff #3 eBay Myself

Item Number:15457342
Current Bid: Error : Num must be >=0;
Time left: Not enough
Start Time: 08-08-1986
Ends: Sooner than you'd think
History: Surprisingly short and uncomplicated.
Item location: Fort Wadsworth
Ships to: If price is no object, anywhere; if it is, then approximately 3 blocks away or anywhere that isn't Mumm-Ra's secret lair, whichever is closer.
Seller: desperately_needing_blog_readers49038291839587243950239
You are bidding on a programmer model from sometime in the 70's. Has a faulty memory unit that can't remember anything that hasn't occurred in the last 5 minutes unless it involves Transformers or is one of the many plastic figurines that had 30 minute long commercials on Saturday mornings (which were only broken up by 30 second ads for other plastic figures which had their own 30 minute long commercials; well, that and Easy-Bake Ovens).

This piece was found neglected underneath a rather shoddy flight of stairs that has frankly injured or killed most of my older relatives and has thereby been relegated to the 'do not use' category of household areas. Luckily I was looking for some near lethal baby playthings from 1950's that Grandma said she stored under there, even though they are all covered with lead paint and have as much safety as a pinto backing up at full speed down the interstate with a trunk-load of surplus grenades, they do have a certain charm about them. And what would you know? Instead of finding the charming yet oh so lethal toddler playthings, I stumbled upon this unit. Yours for the low low price of whatever anyone is willing to pay.

It has an admitted tendency to blather on about things that only first year Compsci students might find interesting, and only if said Compsci students are enormous gaming nerds with less chance of getting a bird in bed than Liberace in San Francisco.

For all collectors, this unit is in his original packaging, khakis and a non-ironic, solid colour t-shirt that probably hasn't been changed in the last 4 days or so.


Monkfish said...

Bid: $1.23

Monkfish said...

Bid: $1.52

Niteowl said...

I see you are just getting the bid starting, whetting the appetite of the waiting bidders, until they are driven into a maddening bidding war which will surely net me well on side of 3 or 4 dollars.


Monkfish said...

Bid: $1.49