Monday, May 14, 2007

Lifting Subjects

So we've dropped the hammer, as it were. Committed to a smallish wooden box deemed habitable by the government, all the various building organizations that be, and some guy named Ted.

The box we bought is attached to a few other boxes, and is deemed higher up in the real estate hierarchy than the ubiquitous condo. It's the house on training wheels, the too large to be put in a skyscraper dwelling, it's the townhouse.

Lifting subjects is probably the toughest part of buying a place. There is no more hemming and hawing, weighing, considering, and contemplating. No more sitting on the fence. No matter how pretty and comfortable a fence it may be, you can't live there.

And when you lift subjects, there comes a definite amount of (misplaced and delusional) certainty. All the nagging doubts you've had are pushed to the back. Like that piece of chicken you just had for lunch which had been left on the counter maybe a little bit too long, now's not the time to reconsider. I mean, that freshly set afire car nearby is, in actuality, quite charming; and who doesn't like to hear a good argument between a woman name Mary-Lou-Geraldine-Ginny and a man-child with an awful case of acne and the smatterings of facial hair called Bud; and really, what playground in this urban environment doesn't have one or three improperly disposed of needles? Now's not the time to slowly churn these (well-founded but now ignored) doubts.

Now's the time to focus on the positives. Such as, uhm, the latest drive by shootings were, by all accounts, pretty accurate. That cryptic black patterning in the bedroom was most certainly the works of some urban youth testing his spraypainting skills and not, as your nose tells you, deadly, deadly mold. And what open liberal-minded fellow nowadays wouldn't like to hear his neighbour's 'phat beats' about 'playin' da game' and being a 'gold-plated pimp-star fo' life'?

Hindsight is not a luxury afforded for those who have taken the plunge. There is only the looking forward, imagining your new life in your new place. Which is exciting, to be sure. Almost exciting as the rush of shoving all suspicious inklings and considerations to the back of your mind, and taking a nice deep breath, and signing on the dotted line.


andrea said...'re certainly sunshine in a can these days :P
Congrats on the place! You're gonna lurv it! You just have to let go and enjoy it now. It is what it is bro ~ It is what it is!

cfcfree said...

And hopefully you'll really own your wooden by the time you retire. Unless you decide to upgrade to Wooden Box 3.0. It will do the same as 2.0, but with increased storage capacity.

Niteowl said...

Andy : I'm aaall about the sunshine! Yeah, gotta let it go, I'm sure we'll enjoy it when we move it. But not after we've gotten some kicky kevlar jackets.

Cfc: Yeah, I dunno, own it? Outright?! That'd mean an end to my mortgage, which is MADNESS!