Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Email Post : Superbowl

Sure, I glean my emails for anything witty I may have intentionally or not intentionally written. What of it? The blogosphere ('ew' word of the year) is a hungry, hungry place. Like hungry hungry hippo except without the carcinogenic but oh so colourful plastic beasties and the great 80's design aesthetic.

So, without further adieu, is my email to my critiquing group regarding moving the group meeting on Sunday because of the Superbowl. Edited of course, for clarity:

And whatever this organized sport that you all seem to
know so much about, I call fraud! SuperBowl? Is that
like one of the rejected members of the Justice
League? Along with the entire Fighting Fork Four and
the Sporks for Great Justice? Honestly, if you guys
want to meet earlier, no need to make up sporting

Wait, are you accusing me of not knowing my sports!? I
know my sports! Oh, I so do. Sports.. and teams.. and
.. you know, digging down deep, just trying to score
one more for the gipper. Because, it's a team effort
really, and we just watned it a little bit more than
the other guy.

Oh alright, I do know what the SuperBowl is. That's
that overhyped event where hormonally enraged men do
massive soft tissue damage over each other in order to
propel a long dead and tanned pigskin across an
arbitrary number of yards for the supposed pride of a
city which in no way contributed to the effort except
by buying their overinflated hyper-trademarked

But hey, I hear the ads are fantastic!

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